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July 18, 2024
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SAFA Allegedly To Fire Steenbok For His “Stupid” Antics

  • June 18, 2024
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SAFA Allegedly To Fire Steenbok For His “Stupid” Antics

SAFA technical director Walter Steenbok faces allegations that he will be fired. These allegations stem from his behavior earlier this year, which reportedly included swearing at SAFA NEC member and Bafana Bafana head of delegation David Molantwa.

According to Sportswire sources, Steenbok will face SAFA’s internal DC on Tuesday (10:00) next week in Sandton and signs are that he will be relieved of his duties.   

A source added that Steenbok makes rash decisions, disrespects the technical committee, does things in his own way, insults members, and due to this an overwhelming number of SAFA NEC wants him out.

A copy of charges in the hands of Sportswire include those of gross misconduct, gross mismanagement, gross negligence, gross dereliction of duties, gross insubordination and gross insolence.

Steenbok had a heated exchanged of emails with Molantwa in February, where he appeared to swear at the him and the exchanged copied to SAFA president Danny Jordaan and CEO Lydia Monyepao. A copy of these emails is in the hands Sportswire.

The heated exchange of emails happened after Steenbok called an urgent meeting in February, but Molantwa raised his complaint that it was at the short notice given some of the members at SAFA are fully employed elsewhere and had to apply for urgent leave to attend the meeting which was scheduled at SAFA House. It also meant that those who are reside outside of Gauteng will have to travel at their own cost, which led to argument between the two.

The City Press also reported this weekend that SAFA held an impromptu national executive committee meeting in Bloemfontein last Monday before Bafana Bafana played their FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Zimbabwe at Toyota Stadium on Tuesday, where Steenbok had been reprimanded.   

Steenbok has also been widely accused of meddling on other people’s work at SAFA House. Some of them includes SA Women’s junior team coach Simphiwe Dludlu and head of women’s football Romaney Pinnock.   

Sportswire was informed that Pinnock was embarrassed after being asked to excuse herself out of the presentation she was due to present to Super League main sponsor – Hollywoodbets. This allegedly happened in front of all the club’s representatives that were present.   

Steenbok’s intentions was to allow him to do it. While she was not keen to do so, Steenbok instructed security guards for her to be removed.   

According to Sportswire sources, Pinnock will be part of the witnesses in the internal disciplinary hearing and a few others. But sources added that it has been a nightmare to work with Steenbok since he was appointed as SAFA technical director because he interferes a lot.   

“This guy has been a nightmare to work with,” said the source.  

“But as they saying goes, you live with sword, and do you think you won’t die with sword? I hope he is found guilty, and they fire him.”  

Another source did not hold back, saying “SAFA is a mess, and they are getting what is due to them for having appointed Steenbok.”   

While Steenbok has been credited for reviving the CAF coaching courses such as A and B, numerous coaches in the Motsepe Foundation Championship have told Sportswire that he allegedly receives kickbacks for them to be admitted on the course.   

Previously when Steenbok was approached for comment on the above, he didn’t want to get involved.   

Sportswire has also reached out to Steenbok for comment and was given Monday and Tuesday to respond, he has declined to do so. Pinnock also declined to talk.

SAFA was also unwilling to talk, saying: “Thank you for the inquiry, but we do not discuss internal SAFA matters with members of the media because these are confidential.” 

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