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July 17, 2024
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Mphahlele Fires Shots At Suspended Malesela

  • June 13, 2024
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Mphahlele Fires Shots At Suspended Malesela

Baroka FC chairman Khurishi Mphahlele passionately defended his team and didn’t hold back his criticism of suspended coach Dan Malesela. 

Malesela was suspended after the club lost to the University of Pretoria in the first match of the PSL promotion and relegation playoffs. 

The club then appointed its former CEO Morgan Mammila as its coach to oversee these playoffs.  

Mammila has picked up two draws in the mini-league, drawing against Richards Bay and AmaTuks respectively, to prop the standing of the mini-league.   

However, Mphahlele has stood firm by his decision, attributing the team’s struggles directly to the coach. 

“He lost the match; he was going to lose the other matches. When was the last time he won here? Long time,” Mphahlele stated unequivocally.  

“We should have won the league if it was not for him making those unnecessary changes. I’m saying if you make stupid mistakes, it’s okay, it’s part of the game, everybody makes mistakes, but we are still in.” 

The chairman’s critique didn’t stop there. Mphahlele revealed that Malesela’s suspension stemmed from rumors linking the coach to unauthorized player transfers to PSL clubs.  

“We charged him based on the rumors that we get in and we will investigate,” he said.  

“Once we find that the rumours are indeed correct then we will charge him. If the rumours are not correct, then we will suspend him with pay.” 

Despite the serious nature of these allegations, Mphahlele refused to disclose the names of the players involved to avoid compromising the ongoing investigation. “I can’t tell you those players while we are doing the investigation; I would be jeopardizing the process.” 

Reflecting on Baroka’s performance, Mphahlele contrasts their past and current matches against AmaTuks. He lamented the loss under Malesela’s leadership but praised the team’s fighting spirit in the recent draw under Mammila. 

“When we lost against Tuks I said, we should lose the match fighting, and playing well. I don’t mind losing, but if you lose a match like we played against Tuks, what more do I want from the boys? Because even if it were me, I would do the same, because they were fighting. They never did anything wrong; they were fighting.” 

The passion and determination in Mphahlele’s voice were palpable, underscoring his belief in the squad’s resilience and potential.  

The chairman’s comments have sent ripples through the football community, reflecting a tumultuous period for Baroka FC as they navigate the complexities of the playoffs and internal dynamics. Whether his bold moves and candid criticisms will galvanize the team or fuel the controversy remains to be seen. 

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